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  • Best royalty-free, musically rich sites
    2017-08-01 13:06:05

    If you’re an online video nut in search of quality music without wanting the burden of commitment, we have good news for you.

  • Millenials’ favorite brands
    2017-07-10 09:54:32

    It’s pretty obvious that millennial consumers tend to spend their time and money with big digital brands.

  • Consumer Behavior Forecast
    2017-05-11 12:59:39

    Most decisions made by customers is influenced by weather changes. Where to eat and what to wear depends on the rainy, snowy or super sunny weather.

  • Effectiveness of digital advertising
    2017-03-07 15:24:00

    Media works around a simple principle: publishers use content to capture people’s attention and loan that attention to an advertiser who runs a message against it.

  • 2016 in ads
    2017-01-06 16:03:58

    After saying goodbye to a long and eventful year, it’s time to go through the most memorable campaigns of 2016, and embrace the nostalgic spirit.


Ad market in 2016

In 2016 the advertising industry will by all means experience slow growth, according to a new global media and marketing forecast from WPP's GroupM.

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Is Black Friday still a hit?

Since at least the 1930s, Black Friday or the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Lately, the weekend’s purchasing rush became widespread in Europe as well.

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Be on time with your Christmas marketing campaign

Christmas season is not just the warmest family holiday of the year, but can also be a true goldmine for traders. Marketing campaigns organized during this period are often highly expensive, however analysis shows that this is money well spent. Research conducted last year by Shoppercentric suggested that 65% of shoppers consider Christmas ads effective.

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Spending redouble on Advanced TV

About 78% of advertisers say they have used some form of advanced TV in their marketing efforts, according to a study released on Thursday by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Most advertisers however can't decide what exactly the difference is between TV and advanced TV.

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