CSR: the future of brand building

Vast majority of consumers expect companies to stand up for corporate social responsibility.

CSR: the future of brand building

According to Havas Worldwide's study done in 2015, the Superbrand report, which surveyed 10,131 people ages 18 and over in 28 markets around the world, revealed that 73 percent said companies have a responsibility to do more than just generate profit, while 75 percent believed companies have an ethical obligation to operate in ways that do not harm the environment.

Agencies have new opportunities to deepen the message of a brand as they assist clients in support of a good case.

Advertising companies have had little involvement in helping their clients develop corporate social responsibility programs in the past, and that can change now. CSR programs are becoming an integral manifestation of a client's brand, and building brands is what agencies do.

The below methods can help your company build successful CSR programs:

Center your brand
According to experts’ opinion, CSR efforts must be in conjunction with one’s business goals. Your brand reflects you, thus your CSR strategies have more to do with meaning than marketing. Bring your message to life when executing your CSR efforts for greater impact.

Show your strong leaders
Your company’s management is the most visible board of executives, they speak at key conferences and talk to the press if necessary. They will be the ones to articulate the vision behind all CSR initiatives. Make sure they are directly and visibly involved. Use the relationships you've built over the years to encourage client leadership to engage deeply in CSR efforts. Even if not all consumers know who the CEO of your company is, your employees do. Studies show that when leadership, specifically that of the CEO, is involved in societal issues, employee advocacy and engagement, motivation to perform, and desire to stay at the company all increase.

Involve your consumers
If your consumers are motivated to take action, fighting for a common aim will bring your brand closer to them. Involve your consumers by providing them with a vehicle to make donations, for example. Empower them to make suggestions for new initiatives. You might even send a core group of brand advocates on a charity mission with company employees and members of your client's leadership team. Bring the consumer in, and then bring the experience to life.

Make it available
Open your CSR program up to every employee, make it easy for them to participate, appreciate their contributions. Agencies should use the potency of rapid collaboration and help spreading ideas among different teams to produce more meaningful campaigns.

If you take the above advices, your CSR programs will create a culture of purpose and success.