Time to invest in audio advertising

Digital audio is the new platform for advertisers to hit records. Many companies turned to audio to make the way of communication more authentic and contextually relevant - as years of radio success will attest. However, there are new technologies that can make audio advertising more effective and more targeted than ever.

Time to invest in audio advertising

Audio advertising has been proven to shift perception and drive sales at incredible rates. Just two years ago, a Nielsen study found that advertisers on terrestrial radio received an average of more than $6 in brick-and-mortar retail sales for every $1 they spent. Meanwhile, Spotify reports that ads on its platform drive 60 percent greater recall than a benchmark of more than 1,600 online campaigns.
The story is the same in the emerging field of podcast advertising, where publishers are connecting brands to listeners by leveraging the relationships those listeners have built with podcast personalities.

To the point and easy
Brands are using the strengths of digital to take audio advertising to the next level with the help of platforms like Spotify, that have login data allowing marketers to home in on specific groups of users based on their age, gender and listening habits. Digital allows advertisers to know they're reaching the right people, and its reporting tools can also help them understand exactly how many of those people actually listened to their ads and whether they took action.

Digital audio providers are also starting to allow marketers to access their inventory with the same programmatic buying tools they use to buy digital video and display. As a matter of example, Spotify gives brands the chance to target users listening to individual playlists in near real-time to create contextually relevant messages.

The development of programmatic audio buying tools will soon make it much easier for marketers to reach their audiences at scale. Marketers will be able to automatically purchase user segments across video, display and audio inventory across the web. As more and more inventory becomes available for programmatic buying, it will become that much easier to include audio in your digital media plans.

The future of audio ads
The options digital audio advertising can offer is only going to grow in the coming years. According to eMarketer, the U.S. audience for digital radio has expanded considerably over the past three years and will top 191 million listeners by 2019. Programmatic buying tools just began to scratch the surface of this medium, there's no telling what new ways marketers will think of to reach this audience.
Certainly, digital audio's combination of emotionally engaging content, pinpoint targeting and growing scale is an attractive proposition.