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Hot Topics
  • Consumer Behavior Forecast
    2017-05-11 12:59:39

    Most decisions made by customers is influenced by weather changes. Where to eat and what to wear depends on the rainy, snowy or super sunny weather.

  • Effectiveness of digital advertising
    2017-03-07 15:24:00

    Media works around a simple principle: publishers use content to capture people’s attention and loan that attention to an advertiser who runs a message against it.

  • 2016 in ads
    2017-01-06 16:03:58

    After saying goodbye to a long and eventful year, it’s time to go through the most memorable campaigns of 2016, and embrace the nostalgic spirit.

  • Be smart with Visual Intelligence
    2016-12-05 16:38:05

    With images conquering the social media, brands have to put more emphasis on visual representation.

  • Branded content for real
    2016-11-16 16:08:06

    The recurrent question for marketers is how to reach consumers - when none of them is really interested in watching commercials.


Watching TV á la carte: a dead end?

Internet has got us used to consuming only the content we prefer. Furthermore, the crisis has got us used to consider even twice what we spend our money on. Neither of these are in favor of the recent, channel-based TV watching practice.

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Art of imitation

Recently the word ’meme’ has become as well-known as ’tablet’ or ’Wi-Fi’. But did the champion of sharing exist before internet? After all, what does ’meme’ mean?

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The world is in your hands

The number of new generation mobile devices is growing rapidly all over the globe. Although Smartphones didn’t exist until 2007 and tablets only appeared in 2010, experts prognosis about 1,25 billion sold unit by the end of 2013. This trend has already made a huge impact on the world of advertising.

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Social media – a double edged weapon?

Nowadays, there is no doubt that a popular brand has to have some kind of social media presence. But along the stories of great success, we can also hear about bad solutions from time to time. And these mistakes could easily ruin a company’s whole image.

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Brand fights: thoughts about comparative ads

Brands are continuously fighting for consumers from their birth. Even if they are not in the same segment, they have to do their best to get customers’ attention. And if two large brands try to sell similar products at the same time, it is quite usual that they cannot avoid criticizing each other.

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