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Hot Topics
  • Millenials’ favorite brands
    2017-07-10 09:54:32

    It’s pretty obvious that millennial consumers tend to spend their time and money with big digital brands.

  • Consumer Behavior Forecast
    2017-05-11 12:59:39

    Most decisions made by customers is influenced by weather changes. Where to eat and what to wear depends on the rainy, snowy or super sunny weather.

  • Effectiveness of digital advertising
    2017-03-07 15:24:00

    Media works around a simple principle: publishers use content to capture people’s attention and loan that attention to an advertiser who runs a message against it.

  • 2016 in ads
    2017-01-06 16:03:58

    After saying goodbye to a long and eventful year, it’s time to go through the most memorable campaigns of 2016, and embrace the nostalgic spirit.

  • Be smart with Visual Intelligence
    2016-12-05 16:38:05

    With images conquering the social media, brands have to put more emphasis on visual representation.


#Femvertising: brands build on empowering women

Since last year, several media surfaces and advertising campaigns had been highly occupied with the topic of evaluating women’s roles, worth and their place in society. Does this tendency stem from deep empathy or financial interests?

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14 ways to dramatically improve your Facebook ad campaign

Increasing Facebook ad conversion rates without simply increasing ad spend can be a challenge if you're not an expert. But there are some tried-and-true tweaks that will get you better results, especially if you invest some energy into testing different versions.

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New era in Chinese brand-building

Chinese merchandise is often associated with cheapness and low prestige, however many local companies succeeded in making a name for themselves lately. Diligence and up-to-date technologies are the key factors of this Oriental success story.

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How to give your brand's website a facelift

Based on lessons learned from improving websites here are our top five tips on how to optimize your visitors’ Web experience:
These days, it seems that everyone has one or more websites, for personal and professional purposes. For many consumers, an organization website is the first ― if not only ― place to gather information. With that in mind, it is extremely important to nail that first impression of your brand the website gives and ensure that it enhances visitors’ experience.

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