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Hot Topics
  • Effectiveness of digital advertising
    2017-03-07 15:24:00

    Media works around a simple principle: publishers use content to capture people’s attention and loan that attention to an advertiser who runs a message against it.

  • 2016 in ads
    2017-01-06 16:03:58

    After saying goodbye to a long and eventful year, it’s time to go through the most memorable campaigns of 2016, and embrace the nostalgic spirit.

  • Be smart with Visual Intelligence
    2016-12-05 16:38:05

    With images conquering the social media, brands have to put more emphasis on visual representation.

  • Branded content for real
    2016-11-16 16:08:06

    The recurrent question for marketers is how to reach consumers - when none of them is really interested in watching commercials.

  • The next Generation, Z’s mobile habits
    2016-10-26 14:46:53

    Millennials and Gen Z spend 46 percent more time every day with their devices than they do with TV.


Be smart with Visual Intelligence

With images conquering the social media, brands have to put more emphasis on visual representation.

Be smart with Visual Intelligence

Over three billion social media messages posted daily across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and elsewhere contain images, according to Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends report. Yet, 80 % of them lack captions or text that identify what the image is about. Some handy methods can bring change to existing habits. GumGum’s real-time social visual listening tool, powered by the company’s patented image recognition technology can give marketers a better way to understand how images related to their brands are shared on social media.

This is accomplished through a technology that can identify key aspects of a photo, such as a logo or product, even when there’s no accompanying caption or hashtag. This technology is also about helping brands understand how they are represented across the visual web.

Existing social listening tools focus on semantic analysis, a process that enables them to analyze the context of words. Visual Intelligence however combines image recognition and analytics with the text-based listening platform that marketers are accustomed to today. The ability to control a brand’s visual identity as it relates to user-generated content opens the door to new opportunities, such as connecting with vocal consumers, engaging top influencers, managing social reputations and tracking campaign impact.

GumGum, A Straightforward Guide to Visual Intelligence